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Which wireless technology is used to secure constant sound?


1,9GHz ABCD Technology.

Spottune is based on a solid broadcasting technology for business applications made for audio. We have named it ABCD, Audio BroadCasting Digital Technology transmitting on the 1,9GHz ISM band. The Spottune Stream (Transmitter) will broadcast the selected audio and secure the transmission is received by speakers synchronized with a high quality audio output. All setups of Spottune Stream and Spottune Omni speakers are individual digital coded, so that other Spottune Systems at nearby locations will not interfere.

What music input connections does the Stream offer?


AUX, USB, Online Streaming, Prioritised PA input.

AUX 3,5mm Minijack for existing player connection. USB A 2.0 for USB Flash-drive/Memory-drive. Supported formats: zip, .ogg, .mp3, .flac, .mp4, .m4a, .wma, .wav, .ra, .rm, .m4b, .aif, .aiff, .aifc, .dsf Ethernet for online streaming. Supports Spottune enterprise Cloud streaming & Spotify Connect Mic in 3,5mm Stereo Minijack for PA/MIC integrations. NB. This input has priority over all other inputs meaning all other inputs will be muted while “Mic in” is active.

What does the 360° omnidirectional sound mean?


Full sound dispersion in all directions.

Spottune Omni is designed for omnidirectional 360° sound distribution through a patented acoustic design. This means that all frequencies of the Spottune Omni speakers will be distributed in all directions. Therefore, an area having a number of Spottune Omni speakers will, regardless of your position at the location, be creating a perfect balanced and synchronized sound experience as you move around. Another upside to the 360° degree sound dispersion is that approx. 50% less speakers are needed compared to other leading speaker systems.

What is the range of the Spottune Stream?


Up to 100m in radius (horizontal & vertical).

The Spottune Stream has up to 100m radius coverage depending of location conditions like walls and ceiling/floors. Place Spottune Stream open and free - central to the area it should cover to gain optimal coverage.

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