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Danish pioneers in sound and experience

Denmark is known for its mastery in developing premium products within consumer electronics, especially in audio and sound equipment. At the heart of this innovative spirit are our founders, Søren Louis Pedersen and Christian Poulsen, who bring decades of experience crafting exceptional products for esteemed brands like Hasselblad and Libratone. Their journey is a testament to our nation's rich legacy in pioneering cutting-edge audio solutions.

speakers in resturant

It took years to develop, but it takes minutes to install

Driven by a shared passion for groundbreaking innovation, Søren and Christian laid the foundation for Spottune in 2018. Their vision? To revolutionise the audio experience in retail spaces with a wireless smart speaker system that effortlessly integrates into any store layout. This system exemplifies our commitment to intuitive design and seamless user experience by harnessing the power of existing track lighting systems.

Soren Louie Pedersen

Mads-Emil Poulsen


In 2023, Mads-Emil Poulsen took the helm at Spottune, infusing the company with his distinct brand of visionary leadership. His professional journey is distinguished by his role in nurturing successful startups, notably Wolt, where he showcased an exceptional talent for growing innovative ventures. Mads-Emil's approach is a blend of inspiration and strategy, driving Spottune towards new horizons of success and innovation, a journey that resonates with the legacy of our founders.

Søren Louis Pedersen


With over 30 years in the audio industry, Søren's expertise spans from innovating smart speakers for global distribution to designing state-of-the-art hearing aids and 3D headsets for F16 fighter jets. His entrepreneurial flair is evident as he co-founded Libratone, making significant strides in retail audio innovations. Søren's journey mirrors Spottune's ethos - where passion for sound meets the pursuit of excellence.

Soren Louie Pedersen
Soren Louie Pedersen

Christian Poulsen


Christian's remarkable journey through the photo and audio industry is marked by his leadership in eight startups since 1988. His visionary approach led him to establish Imacon, garnering acclaim as Denmark's fastest-growing company. Following his time as CEO of the iconic Hasselblad and DPA Microphones, Christian's expertise has been pivotal in shaping Spottune's innovative trajectory.