Spottune Cloud

Audio management made easy

Whether you have one or multiple stores, the Spottune cloud service provides you with an online platform that ensures total control from anywhere.
  • Manage zones
  • Adjust volume
  • Manage music, promotions, and announcements
  • Create playlists
  • Set Routines
Spottune Cloud Map Overview

List view

This feature provides a comprehensive overview of all connected locations through a simple, intuitive interface. Each location has a status indicator (green, yellow, red) signifying the operational status, alongside details such as the currently playing source.

The list view enables users to perform bulk edits, such as updating routines, changing playlists, and selecting streaming services. This centralized management capability makes it easy to quickly identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring consistent audio performance across all venues.

Map View

The map view enhances the geographical management of multiple locations by providing a visual layout of all venues on a map. This view allows users to visually navigate through different locations, making it simpler to manage site-specific audio settings and monitor the status of each location directly from the map.

This tool is particularly useful for businesses with extensive regional or national presence, enabling quick adjustments and overviews.

Set Routines

Routines are a powerful feature within the Spottune Cloud that automates the daily management of audio settings across multiple locations. This tool allows users to preset specific actions, such as automatically turning on and off the system, choosing playlists, and timing promotional messages.
This feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining a consistent brand experience through audio, as it minimizes human error and the variability of manual system handling. By automating these processes, Spottune Cloud ensures that every location operates smoothly and adheres strictly to corporate audio standards.

Manage zones

Spottune Cloud also offers flexible zone management, allowing users to tailor audio settings for different areas within a venue. This feature is essential for creating distinct audio environments suitable for specific location sections, such as different floors or rooms, each with unique ambiance and sound requirements.

Users can easily manage audio across various zones, independently setting unique playlists and volume levels to enhance the customer experience in each area.

Spottune was a game-changer. The new cloud-based system gave us the centralized control we needed. With one click, our headquarter can update music across all stores, preventing inconsistencies and harmonizing the brand experience and liberating time for the staff in all our stores.”
Lars Lyse Hansen, CEO of Bolia - Read the full case here
Spottune Cloud on laptop and phone

Access level in the Cloud Service

Spottune Cloud is designed to cater to diverse user needs across different levels of an organization, enhancing control while maintaining a centralized system of management:
  • The headquarter user can see all the features the cloud service includes across all locations. 
  • The location user can only see status and information about their own store. 
  • The restricted location user is limited to only seeing what music is playing in their own store. 

This distinction ensures a centralized overview and audio control, thereby creating a more coherent brand for customers while still providing necessary information to the different locations.

Spottune Cloud allows for complete flexibility, usability, and scalability, providing full control with just a few clicks. 

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