Spottune Cloud

The Enterprise Cloud Service

Spottune Cloud transforms audio management with its cutting-edge, cloud-based solution, designed for seamless control across single or multiple locations. Experience unparalleled flexibility with global, centralized control right at your fingertips in just a few clicks on your phone, computer, or tablet – whatever suits you best!

Benefits of using the cloud system

Whether you have a single or multiple stores, the Spottune cloud system can provide you with an overview of the status of the speakers. This includes whether they are all playing, the specific zone in the store where they are playing, and if any issues need to be addressed.

In short, the Spottune cloud allows you to have: 
  • Instant live overview of every single speaker across location(s).
    For example: check signal strength to Omni and Stream.
  • Adjust the audio and volume at each specific location(s).
    For example: Overview of speakers in each zone, zone volume, and individual speaker volume.
  • Manage music, promotions, and announcements
  • Create playlists
  • Set your own routines
  • Optimal support and feedback
Spottune Cloud Map Overview
Spottune was a gamechanger. The new cloud-based system gave us the centralized control we needed. With one click, our headquarter can update music across all stores, preventing inconsistencies and harmonizing the brand experience and liberating time for the staff in all our stores.” - Lars Lyse Hansen, CEO of
Spottune Cloud on laptop and phone

Diverse user access in the Cloud Service

The cloud service can be differentiated between three users: A headquarter user, a location user, and a restricted location user.
  • The head quarter user can see all the features the cloud service includes across all locations. 
  • The location user can only see status and information about their own store. 
  • The restricted location user is limited to only seeing what music is playing in their own store. 

This distinction ensures a centralized overview and audio control and thereby a more coherent brand to customers, while still providing necessary information to the different locations.

To recap, an investment in the Spottune Cloud allows for complete flexibility, usability, and scalability, providing full control with just a few clicks. 

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