Plug & Play

The Spottune system is a true Plug & Play solution that takes just 2 minutes to set up, and it's not just for professionals – anyone can do it. You'll find it even simpler than you might expect.

Took years to develop, takes minutes to install.

The Plug & Play capability is made possible because the Omni Track is designed to work seamlessly with track lighting systems. The speakers can therefore be placed along with the lights in the tracks. What's great about our Omni Track speaker is that it effortlessly fits into the existing infrastructure of most enterprise spaces. This not only saves you from costly installation expenses, but also eliminates the need for long and bulky cables. When you power up the speakers, they automatically connect to the Stream, and you can be ready to play your desired music in just a few minutes.  

What is a track lighting system?

A track lighting system is a power system for lights. Most often, consists of tracks placed in the ceiling. You can find it in many stores, as the track function allows you to move the lights along the track, making it a flexible solution for changing interior.  

Don’t have a track lighting system? Don’t worry – check out our Omni Cord and Omni Recessed Kit.

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