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Sales Tool Dashboard

Your comprehensive overview of new and previous projects. The Sales Tool Dashboard is also where you can create new projects, create cloud accounts for end-users, and get a product overview.

Front site of Sales Tool: Here can you get an overview of floor plans and make new ones, create clouds, and get a product overview

Use of the drawing tool

When creating a new project, upload a floor plan and follow the guidelines.

Get coverage visualizations

You can add speakers when you have placed the walls and filled in the details. The drawing tool will then visualize the coverage of the speakers and the stream. You can also easily move items around and remove any excess.

Project summary

Get an overview of your project, showing the chosen products. It is also possible to add additional products and set custom pricing.

Project proposal

Download your proposal as a PDF, including an overview of the chosen products, floor plan, and coverage visualizations.

"It’s all about showing the customer exactly what they’re getting (...). There are various visualization tools on the market, but they are complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Spottune’s Sales Tool turns abstract concepts like sound coverage into concrete visuals. This clarity is a game-changer in our proposals.”  - Mark Sellmann, CEO of Sound Experts, Germany

Import and Visualize

Utilize the Drawing tool to import floor plans, enabling estimated project calculations and sound dispersion visualizations. Customize proposals with accuracy and creativity to meet the unique demands of your potential clients.

Create Clouds

Effortlessly invite and set up end-users in the Cloud system, providing an unmatched experience controlled via our cutting-edge cloud platform.

Product Insights

Access an extensive overview of Spottune products with manuals and technical specifications to ensure you have all the information needed for successful sales and support.

Help Center & Support

Dedicated support and a comprehensive help center are at your fingertips, ensuring you have the guidance and resources to address any question or challenge.

Marketing Materials

Explore and download Spottune marketing materials, empowering you to boost your sales efforts with high-quality brand-aligned resources.

Your Complete Toolbox

Sales Tool is designed to support our valued Spottune distributors and resellers and includes everything needed to sell, support, and succeed with Spottune.

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