Omni Sound

"They provide a much better sound and capture a larger part of the room, almost twice as much as the other speakers we had. The acoustics are better, and they don't just point towards one table, but cover the entire room, so even if I'm 20 meters away, I can still hear it"
- Alisa Hila, Waiter at Cafe Aaland, Denmark

Our OmniExperience™ technology

The signature acoustics design of our speaker creates an omnidirectional sound, meaning the sound is equally distributed all 360° around the speaker. It is engineered to guarantee immersive room-filling sound with fewer speakers, which is a technology introduced by Spottune named OmniExperience™.

How omni sound works

360° Sound

Brought to you by Danish pioneers, Spottune’s omnidirectional speaker technology is the new generation of smart audio systems. Thanks to the constant circulation of sound waves, the speaker guarantees seamless audio coverage all over the room instead of being focused on one area. Since all frequencies are transmitted to the entire room, Spottune provides improved sound at low volumes, which means greater comfort for both visitors and staff. This unique technology creates a whole new and enhanced visitor experience.

Omni sound illustration
Normal speaker sound illustration

A unique acoustic design

The exterior design of our speaker is carefully rounded and smoothed to ensure that the sound is evenly dispersed and offers crystal clear results. This means that no matter where you are in a room, the sound quality does not change. It is designed so that the proportions between the size of the speaker and the space inside it are just right. This means that when you turn up the volume, the speaker can make deep bass sounds without any fuzzy or annoying noise. 

Omni Sound
Omni sound means less speakers required

Better sound with fewer speakers

Due to its omnidirectional sound coverage, a single Spottune speaker can fill up to 75 square meters of space, covering more area than a classic speaker. This also means that 50% fewer speakers are needed compared to alternative options on the market. Combined, the design and reach of the sound result in a more soothing sound experience for customers.

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