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360-degree sound

Spottune has a unique OmniExperience™️ technology that provides outstanding sound quality. The omnidirectional feature allows the speaker to deliver balanced audio frequencies throughout the room, providing consistent sound even at low volumes. One speaker can cover an area of 75 square meters, ensuring that every customer receives an equally pleasant audio experience regardless of their position in the room.
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Spottunes own wireless broadcasting system

Spottune provides a cloud service that enables centralized control over singular to multiple diverse stores. Our cloud system allows complete flexibility, usability, and scalability while providing total control with just a few clicks. In addition to overseeing and synchronizing store locations across countries through a unified platform, the cloud system empowers users to schedule music playback, specifying start and end times, with the option to pause for promotional activities and announcements.


Installation anyone can figure out

We take pride in the efficient and user-friendly installation process, exemplified by Omni Track's seamless integration with track lighting systems. You find track lighting systems in many stores. Due to this, you can plug in the Omni Track, which connects to the Stream, our music transmitter, and you are ready to play music. The click system further eliminates the need for an electrician to handle cable and plug installations. In addition to the Omni Track, we offer options such as an Omni speaker with a cord and an in-ceiling installation.

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