"We all know that good music drives sales. Spottune Enterprise Solution – allows our venue managers and global brand managers to control which music to be played at each store – and the quality of each Spottune speaker. This gives full control to design the brand and link the site to marketing activities via sound and music".
- Lars Lyse / CEO at Bolia, European furniture store

Bolia chose the Spottune solution to stimulate all five human senses in their furniture store. The most important sense while shopping is hearing, and playing the right music creates the best atmosphere for both satisfied customers and good sales.

With our flexibility and possibilities, we made the transition from ordinary sound to fantastic sound and it made a big difference for the environment and feeling in the store.

We helped in Bolia stores to create a signature sound and atmosphere that invites and makes customers feel like at home.

Bolia uses Spottune as a solution to create a good and harmonious sound experience for their customers throughout their store. They control and connect the music in all their stores across Scandinavia and Europe.

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