Why the choice of audio supplier is important to your brand

November 8, 2023
Why the choice of audio supplier is important to your brand

Why the choice of audio supplier is important to your brand

Bolia.com, a distinguished Danish design company, has always been synonymous with creating captivating in-store experiences. We had a talk with their CEO Lars Lyse Hansen to hear how they use sound in their customer experience and why they chose Spottune as their audio partner.

In our store concept we have worked with sensory branding for many years. Beyond our physical products we have designed our own visual identity, our own fragrance, our own sound universe with monthly playlists, and we have even created our own specialty coffee flavor together with La Cabra - all to create the perfect customer experience.
Everything is fine-tuned for the perfect customer experience at Bolia.com.

The sound challenge

Previously Bolia.com had a rather inflexible and complicated sound system in place to create its sound universe. The store speakers were cabled and mounted to the walls with no flexibility and the in-store music system relied on manually updating a USB stick with music every month. All store managers therefore needed to both download and upload the new music to the USB every month, start the music and make sure it was on repeat and at the correct volume every single day. This meant extra work for the store staff and lots of manual tasks with a high possibility for errors.

Customer experience is key

We were therefore looking for a new music system that could improve the customer experience and give us more flexibility. A key concern for us was the risk of brand incoherence. It's a critical issue that we can't underestimate. The wrong music choice or a silent store can negatively impact the overall customer experience if not aligned. Ensuring consistent branding through centralized music management was thus crucial for us.

A flexible and sustainable solution

The search for a new system was on. Bolia.com tested various solutions but none of the existing audio solutions on the market offered a service that could meet Bolia's requirements.

Spottune was a gamechanger. The new cloud-based system gave us the centralized control we needed. With one click, our headquarter can update music across all stores, preventing inconsistencies and harmonizing the brand experience and liberating time for the staff in all our stores.

On top of this, the Spottune omni sound speakers gave us a much better quality of sound, a fully flexible speaker system, and it eliminated all electrician costs we used to pay for the mounting and cabling of the old in-store speakers.

The award-winning design brand Bolia has flagship stores across Europe. This is the Bolia.com store at Bd. de Sébastopol, in the heart of Paris.

Almost fully implemented

Bolia.com has more than 85 stores across Europe and most of them have already been fitted with the Spottune system. The last ones will get the system once they are renovated.

Besides offering great sound and the control we need, it's also easier, faster and cheaper to install than traditional wired setups

The flexible mounting of the speakers allows Bolia's interior designers to quickly reposition both light and speakers as they create new spaces.

Installation or repositioning only takes minutes. No cables and no electrician costs.

Great for in-store events

An added bonus of the system comes in the form of zero latency music playback. While it may not sound like a big deal, it can be very important.

Every time we open a new store, we invite DJs to set the right mood at the opening reception. Normally we would then rent a large speaker setup, pull power cables, tape them to the floor and so on. But because the Spottune system is so powerful and can play wirelessly with high quality and no latency, our DJs can just hook up the mixer to the Spottune stream and start playing through the Spottune speakers in our store. This is a much easier, better and cheaper solution for us – and it also allows us to play the music from the DJ evenly on all floors of the store, instead of just at the entrance.

It's all about the customers

As one might have noted, Bolia.com leaves nothing to chance when it comes to their brand. Music is a huge part of Bolia's identity and it seems they found the best solution to fit their needs.

Spottune has been key to creating a seamless and unified Bolia experience. It's all about brand harmony and ensuring the very best experience for our customers.

If you are curious about the sound universe of Bolia.com, we urge you to check out their inspiring DJ Sofa Sessions, Soundcloud Mixtapes and Spotify Playlists. You can find everything right here

Be sure to visit www.spottune.com to see how a seamless audio experience can harmonize your brand.

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November 8, 2023