A guide on how to reset the Spottune Stream. Please note that the Spottune Cloud connection will not be affected by resetting the Spottune Stream.

1. Reset

Press and hold the "Zone" + "Input" buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds.

2. Resetting

During the reset process, the Spottune Stream will display "SET FACTORY DEFAULT...".

3. Reboot

After resetting, the Spottune Stream will automatically reboot and start-up as a new device. Spottune Stream will write "INITIALIZING" on the display.

4. Pairing mode

The Spottune Stream will always start up in pairing mode after reset. Note that Spottune Stream automatically enters pairing mode when turned on if no speakers have been paired or pairing mode has been exited manually. This means that if you turn off your Spottune Stream and then turn it back on again, it will go into pairing mode automatically.

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