Adding the Spottune Stream to a Spottune Cloud Location

Ensure the Spottune Stream is connected to the internet via the LAN cable and login to your Spottune Cloud account.

1. Checkmark location

Checkmark the location on the left-hand side where you want to add your Spottune device.

2. Add Stream

When the location is checkmarked press "Add Stream" in the grey menu bar.

3. Enter serial number

Enter the serial number of your Spottune Stream which is found on the backside of the Spottune Stream.

(Serial numbers start with H??SPTXB?????)

4. Enter "Description"

We recommend the description reflect the placement of the Spottune Stream, eg. the "Sales Counter" etc.

5. Add

Now press "Add" and your Stream has been connected to the Spottune Cloud.

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