Guide to finding the IP address and the Cloud Communication ID on the Spottune Stream

1. The "Play" & ">" button

Press and hold the "Play" and ">" button for 6 seconds. The Spottune Stream must be turned on and connected via a LAN/Ethernet cable to your network.

2. CC id

CC ID can be used instead of Serial Number (found on the backside of the Spottune Stream) to identify and connect the Spottune Stream to the Spottune Cloud.

3. IP address

The IP address displayed is your network's main IP address. However, please note that the Spottune Stream has 2 zones and therefore 2 IP addresses. Use the main IP address to find the second IP address in your network manager.

4. Tip

The CC ID and IP address are displayed for a few seconds only, so it is recommended to take a picture for future reference.

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