Specification for Streaming Services in Spottune Cloud

Example dialog to add Streaming Service on the Spottune Cloud.

M3U Link requirements

We require content providers to include a security code in the M3U link for verification purposes and to simplify the process for customers.

The link should follow this format: https://contentprovider.net/CODE/playlist.m3u. Customers will only need the CODE and the name of the content provider to add the playlist as a Streaming Service.

To be listed as a Streaming Service on the Spottune Cloud, please send us a test link for us to test and add to the Spottune Cloud. This ensures it is fully functional and ready for customer use.

How to make .M3U playlist

To implement a streaming platform, we have created this guide to show how M3U files should be structured to work with our Spottune Cloud. This includes using the #EXTM3U header and #EXTINF tags for metadata and file paths. Follow the examples to ensure compatibility and seamless playback.

M3U files use the `#` character for including extensions. Two key extensions are used to create playlists:

  1. #EXTM3U
  2. #EXTINF


  • Description: This is the file header. It is required for creating an M3U playlist.
  • Usage: The playlist must start with this line. Without it, the playlist cannot be recognised as a valid M3U file.




  • Description: This tag is used to add file paths to the playlist and to include metadata such as filename, duration, and title.
  • Usage: Each media file entry in the playlist is preceded by an #EXTINF tag specifying the duration in seconds and optional metadata.


#EXTINF:191,Artist Name - Track Title

Sample playlist

Sample 1


#EXTINF:123, BigBuckBunny - BigBuckBunny

#EXTINF:321,ElephantsDream - ElephantsDream

Sample 2


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