The Hoxton Hotel: Four Corners Restaurant, Barcelona

Nestled near the iconic Agbar Tower in Barcelona, The Hoxton Hotel proudly hosts the distinctive Four Corners restaurant. Known for its authentic New York-style pizza and an impressive selection of snacks, wines, and cocktails, Four Corners promises a dining experience like no other. Four Corners offers more than just an indoor restaurant; it features a charming outdoor terrace. This terrace is thoughtfully designed with a fixed structure that shields guests from rain and the warm sun, creating a comfortable dining environment year-round. To further enhance the ambiance and create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas, management decided to install an outdoor music system.

Adding music to the terrace was a strategic move aimed at enriching the atmosphere and making guests' experiences even more enjoyable. By extending the musical experience outdoors, the restaurant fosters a sense of continuity and elevates the overall dining experience. The soothing tunes encourage guests to linger longer, savoring their meals and drinks while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

However, installing an audio system was not without its challenges. Conventional audio wiring would have been impractical and could have interfered with the existing electrical installations. This is where Spottune's Omni Tracks system proved its exceptional capabilities. Its ability to seamlessly integrate into the pre-installed light tracks offered a hassle-free setup, providing a solution that was both efficient and convenient. Once the Spottune Omni speakers and Stream (the music transmitter) are paired and configured, they provide a flexible audio system. This system can be quickly set up or taken down as needed, giving the restaurant the power to adapt its audio environment to different events and customer preferences.

Spottune offers several advantages for the restaurant:

  • Easy Installation: The speakers click into existing light tracks, eliminating the need for additional wiring.
  • Zone Control: Play different music indoors and outdoors, thanks to the system's ability to manage multiple zones.
  • Cloud Management: Spottune's cloud system allows centralized control of volume and routines, ensuring a consistent audio experience across all areas.

In this installation, the following Spottune products have been used:

4x Wireless speaker Spottune Omni Track Black

1x Wireless audio transmitter Spottune Stream

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