Sushi Lovers

Sushi Lovers is a renowned sushi restaurant chain in Copenhagen. The owner, Kristian Elbo, opened the first Sushi Lovers in Torvehallerne, Denmark, and has subsequently opened three other restaurants. He was unafraid to take on a challenge and did everything to learn the art of making sushi from Japanese sushi chefs, and drawing inspiration from Danish Michelin chefs. This resulted in Sushi Lovers being invited to several international competitions and winning awards. Using Spottune’s Omni Experience™ technology, Sushi Lovers ensures an immersive and soothing ambiance that blends perfectly with the modern restaurant and elevates the dining experience further.

The restaurant in Frederiksberg Center was given a piece of space outside the main restaurant area, with a walkway in between. To extend the good ambiance from inside the restaurant to the outside area, two more speakers were installed and paired with the existing speakers. Besides extending the pleasant atmosphere, the music also helps mask some of the noise from the center and other guests.

During the setup of the two new speakers, a Spottune Cloud was created for them, allowing easy control of audio, volume, and setting routines at all their locations from their headquarters. Thanks to Spottune's innovative solutions, Sushi Lovers continues to provide an exceptional dining experience, seamlessly blending high-quality sushi with an exquisite auditory atmosphere.

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