Restaurant Camping Mar

By the beautiful seaside in Barcelona in the Marina Vela is the charming restaurant Camping Mar. The restaurant has a high standard with its unique setting, service, and food. When searching for a new audio system, they needed to achieve excellent sound quality without sacrificing aesthetics. Spottune emerged as the ideal solution, seamlessly integrating into the restaurant's simple yet modern interior with just three speakers.

Decorating the venue are the white Omni Track speakers, elegantly aligned with the lighting tracks. The versatility of our Omni Track speaker effortlessly harmonizes with existing infrastructure in most commercial spaces, minimizing installation costs and eliminating bulky cables. Upon powering up, the speakers seamlessly connect to the Stream, our audio transmitter.

Thanks to the straightforward installation process of Spottune, Camping Mar was able to independently set up the system, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

So, if you are in Barcelona, please visit the Camping Mar. Camping Mar is the place to get away from the city without leaving the city.

The total material used for this sound installation was the following:

3 x Spottune Omni Track Wireless Speaker, white

1 x Spottune Stream Wireless Audio Transmitter

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