In the realm of audio technology, where the significance of sound quality and immersive experiences cannot be overstated, Spottunes speakers distinguish themselves. Redefining the benchmarks for audio excellence, these speakers possess a distinctive capability to craft an enjoyable atmosphere, rendering them an appealing choice for businesses across diverse sectors. This compelling attribute was a determining factor for MAZDA/YAMAHA Rainer, the largest MAZDA and YAMAHA dealer in Austria, in choosing Spottune.

One of the defining features of Spottunes speakers is their outstanding audio quality, due to the 360-degree sound. The clever design, combined with the latest technology, allows the speakers to deliver crystal clear, distortion-free sound. The richness and depth of the sound from the speakers' 360-degree audio creates an immersive experience that exceeds conventional expectations and ensures a consistent musical experience, regardless of your position in the room. Another upside to the 360-degree sound dispersion is that approx. 50% fewer speakers are needed compared to other leading speaker systems.

At Rainer, the goal is to provide customers with an outstanding service. This happens through an approach where Spottunes contributes to ensuring an immersive audio experience. The discreet design of the speakers also maintains full focus on the cars. It was crucial for Rainer to find an audio system that didn't overpower the conversation between the customer and the salesperson but still contributed to the overall experience.

In this installation, the following Spottune products have been used:

1 x Spottune Stream S1-FB Wireless Audio Transmitter.

6 x Spottune 01-T-W Omni Track white.


If you have any questions regarding this specific case, you can contact our Austrian partner 4Audio at www.4audio.at

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