Lush is a British cosmetics retailer founded in 1995 by trichologist Mark Constantine, his wife Mo Constantine, and five other founders. Lush offers a wide range of products, including soap, bath bombs, massage oils, and various cosmetics made from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils, and safe synthetics. The company invents its own products and fragrances, crafting them by hand with minimal preservatives or packaging, relying on vegetarian ingredients. Importantly, Lush is committed to sourcing ingredients only from companies that do not conduct tests on animals, and they exclusively test their products on humans.

Lush undoubtedly places a strong emphasis on their products, and it was therefore important to create a pleasant atmosphere in the store, allowing customers to spend sufficient time exploring and smelling their many offerings. Spottune has played a role in establishing a cozy ambiance through sound. The speakers' ability to deliver 360-degree audio allows customers to move around the store without being disturbed by changing sound levels.


The store is equipped with lighting in a track system, where Spottune's Omni track can easily be clicked in without any hassle. The speakers seamlessly blend among the lights, avoiding unnecessary attention. In this Lush store, Spottune's subwoofer has also been mounted on the wall. The subwoofer adds depth to the sound produced by the speakers, contributing to an overall high-quality bass and sound experience throughout the entire store.

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