Nestled within the creative heart of JÄGER DESIGN, an entity synonymous with unconventional materials and bold design experiments, the recent integration of the Spottune sound system is a testament to the fusion of innovative technology and creative excellence. This pivotal enhancement underscores the ethos of JÄGER DESIGN's relentless pursuit of creativity inspired by unique places worldwide.

The sound setup is designed to mirror JÄGER DESIGN's commitment to creating environments that are not just visually stunning but also acoustically vibrant. The Omni Track speakers, renowned for their 360-degree sound dispersion, ensure that the intricately designed spaces are enveloped in crystal-clear sound, enhancing the sensory experience.

The addition of the Spottune Subwoofer adds depth to the auditory experience, with rich bass complementing the detailed soundscapes provided by the Omni Track speakers. This harmonious blend of sound creates an environment that is not only consistent with one's daily rhythm but also seamlessly incorporated into the lifestyle envisioned by JÄGER DESIGN, fostering comfort and inspiration.

The collaboration between JÄGER DESIGN and Spottune epitomizes the synergy between cutting-edge sound technology and creative interior design. It showcases the power of integrating top-tier sound systems into spaces designed to inspire and captivate, ensuring that each project and material chosen by JÄGER DESIGN is not only recognized for its perfect execution and unconventional ideas but also for its immersive sound experience.

The installation at JÄGER DESIGN used the following Spottune products:


4 x Spottune Omni Track Wireless Speaker, black

1 x Spottune Subwoofer, black

1 x Spottune Stream Wireless Audio Transmitter


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