Garden Salon

Garden Salon is a unique place in Warsaw, Poland, where you can find high-quality furniture designs. Garden Salon is filled with elegant and unique works by furniture designers from Poland, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. They specialize in garden furniture and offer pieces made from various materials, allowing them to provide furniture that can withstand any climate.

The store wanted to preserve the architecture of the space and was seeking a solution that would not interfere with the current interior design. After testing Spottune, the store immediately decided to invest in the Omni Track sound system. They were completely delighted with its performance, sound quality, and the fact that they did not have to purchase 20 speakers to achieve the desired effect.

Additionally, it was also a huge advantage that the speakers could be placed within the existing lighting tracks, ensuring a perfect blend with the lighting and interior design. This seamless integration is made possible by the plug and play functionality of the Omni Track speaker.

In this installation, the following Spottuneproducts have been used:


8 x Spottune Omni Track Wireless Speaker, black

1 x Spottune Stream Wireless Audio Transmitter


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