Cramer Möbel+Design

Cramer Möbel+Design chose the Spottune solution for its giant Hamburg flagship store. The Spottune system provides a pleasant and luxurious sound that blends perfectly with the store layout of the inspirational furniture environments.

Sound is one of the most significant aspects when shopping. It has a direct impact on the mood of a customer and holds the key to taking a shopping experience to the next level.

Playing the right music provides the best environment for both happy customers and employees, this is very important at Cramer Möbel+Design. When selling high-end designer furniture a great level of customer experience is expected. Playing high-quality tunes from the Spottune system matches Cramer Möbel+Design customer experience strategy perfectly.

The store offers more than 7000 very spacious and open square meters divided into five floors. The Spottune 360°sound dispersion secures a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere for the staff and for every single customer while shopping in the Cramer flagship store on Kieler Strasse in Hamburg.

Cramer Möbel+Design is using the Spottune Cloud system to get an instant overview of the quality of the music broadcasted to every single speaker on all five floors. This also enables them to change the music settings on each individual speaker matching a specific speaker to its placement in a certain environment.

The 16 Spottune Omni track speakers are mounted in the existing light track and were installed in less than an hour. The easiness of re-installation / re-positioning makes Spottune a very flexible sound solution. When updating furniture environments in new setups the Spottune Omni speakers are easily repositioned matching the new furniture setup perfectly.

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