CPH studio hotel

"We started using the Spottune solution system in the hotel after our relaunch of the bistro and reception. Spottune brings an effective solution to the hotel. The soundscape is more rounded and people do not need to stand right next to the loudspeaker which gives an overall good impression and brings the right mood. We are really happy with Spottune, it just gives the music totally another level".
- Thomas Fogde Hansen / Reception Manager

We created a very different soundscape for the CPH Studio Hotel. Our solution made it easier after the hotel’s relaunch of the bistro and reception.

Spottune helped the CPH Studio Hotel with playing customers' favorite playlists during the busy Monday or relaxed Friday. After installing Spottune, CPH Studio Hotel started using the music more actively. Guests can now enjoy a more rounded music solution while they are eating in the bistro or waiting for the check-in at the reception.

We provide a soundscape that is very different from the regular one. The visitors will enjoy a more rounded 360° sound experience. The Spottune System gives an overall positive impression to the visitors and gives them the right mood with the played music.

The 360° sound radiation is suitable in environments where the sound should be equally distributed to create an outstanding listening experience throughout the room. It is achieved through an acoustic lens and digital signal processing.

Spottune brought stability, simplicity, and a good sound experience to the CPH hotel. With Spottune customers and employees can enjoy zone, music, and device adjustment without any problems. Spottune Cloud system is perfect for a hotel environment, where many people can connect to a WiF. Our system won’t lead to music interruptions due to the challenged WiFi.

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