Cosmo Hairstyling

A visit to the hairdresser is more than just a routine appointment; it can leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. From the moment you step inside Cosmo Hairstyling in Haarlem Centrum, Netherlands, you are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The chic, modern decor instantly puts you at ease, setting the stage for a relaxing experience. The professional staff, known for their expertise and friendly demeanor, ensures that every client feels valued and indulged.

What sets Cosmo Hairstyling apart is not just the exceptional skill of their stylists but also the thoughtful incorporation of the Spottune sound system. Spottune’s innovative system plays a significant role in crafting the perfect ambiance. The speakers deliver high-quality, evenly distributed sound throughout the salon, creating a soothing auditory environment. Whether the salon needs the gentle hum of calming melodies or the subtle notes of uplifting tunes, the music helps create a relaxed atmosphere and enhances the overall experience. Additionally, the system was quick to set up, thanks to the speakers' ability to easily click into the existing lighttracks.

The combination of expert hair care, elegant decor, and the immersive soundscapes provided by Spottune ensures your comfort and satisfaction. Leaving the salon, you feel not just pampered but uplifted, carrying a sense of renewal that stays with you.

In this installation, the following Spottuneproducts have been used:


2 x Spottune Omni Track Wireless Speaker, black

1 x Spottune Stream WirelessAudio Transmitter


If you have any questions regarding this specific case, you can contact our Dutch supplier Lixero here

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