Church Stadlau

Good sound in churches presents a significant acoustic challenge. This is because two acoustic desires immediately oppose each other. On one hand, there is a long reverberation time, which can exceed 6 seconds, suiting the music composed for the church space. On the other hand, good speech intelligibility is desired so that worshippers and visitors can clearly and distinctly hear the spoken word, which is best achieved with a short reverberation time. To ensure the best result, it is important to have a sound system with coverage that ensures the sound is evenly distributed in the church's large space, allowing everyone to hear what is being said. Therefore, there was no doubt for the Catholic Church Stadlau in Vienna, that Spottune should be installed due to the speaker's ability to deliver 360-degree sound.

Out of respect for the church space, it is important, as far as possible, to make the speakers 'invisible'. This can be attempted in connection with the placement, but it is a balancing act between ensuring good sound as well. The Spottune speaker, with its sleek design and unassuming presence, effortlessly blends into the sacred surroundings while delivering crystal-clear sound to every corner of the sanctuary. Its advanced technology harmonizes with the acoustics of the space, enriching the spiritual experience for worshippers and visitors alike. During services, the Spottune speaker becomes the vessel through which the preacher's voice resonates, carrying messages of hope and salvation to all who listen. Whether seated in the front pews or tucked away in the back rows, worshippers and visitors receive divine guidance with clarity and reverence, thanks to the seamless integration of sound technology.

Therefore, in the diverse landscape of church life, where tradition meets innovation, the Spottune speaker represents a timeless commitment to spiritual growth. Combining technology with tradition ensures that the beautiful sounds of faith ring out clearly, echoing through the church for years to come.

In this installation, the following Spottune products have been used:


1 x Spottune Stream S1-FB Wireless Audio Transmitter.

6 x Spottune 01-C-W Omni Cord white.


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