Bistro – Macellerie e Bistrot

Bistro – Macellerie e Bistrot is a family-run restaurant located in Canale d’Agordo, a small village in the Italian Alps. It collaborates with the butcher shop next door, where they host meat tastings and more. The upgrade was based on the previous audio system not delivering the quality they desired, which contradicted their high-quality food.

Initially, the establishment envisioned a conventional audio setup, complete with multiple speakers and a booming subwoofer to amplify their space. However, a change of heart ensued as they aspired for a more nuanced ambiance, opting for background melodies and a slightly elevated volume. The decision was further influenced by the simplicity and efficiency offered by the Spottune system, sparing them from a long and complicated installation process.

The owner, Claudio, who previously has experience in the audio world as a DJ, is very pleased with the outcome and finds immense satisfaction in the final result of the project. Spottune now serves as a link in providing audio to create a cohesive experience for the guests.

In this installation, the following Spottune products have been used:


2 x Spottune Omni Cord Speaker, black

1 x Spottune Stream Wireless Audio Transmitter


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