Bike Quadrat

According to a survey from the "State of Consumer Behavior – soundsuit, 2021," 90% are more likely to return if they have had a good in-store experience. This Bike Quadrat used to have an audio system that didn't function optimally, and the sound quality wasn't something to brag about. For them, creating a pleasant atmosphere for customers, where they feel comfortable, is crucial. Employees felt that this wasn't being addressed, and customers weren't getting this in-store experience they wanted to create. To rectify this, Bike Quadrat chose to upgrade its audio system with Spottune.

In the same survey, it is proven that 33% prefer to buy products physically in a store because they like to touch and see the products before purchasing. Additionally, it is estimated that 26% prefer to shop physically because they enjoy the experience it provides. There is, therefore, no doubt that having a store where audio functions optimally contributes to improving the customer experience. Spottune delivers optimal sound due to the speakers’ ability to provide 360-degree audio. This means that customers can move around the entire store without being disturbed by excessively loud and disruptive noise in one area and minimal to no sound in another. In addition, it also creates a more comfortable working environment for Bike Quadrat's employees.

Finally, Spottune was the ideal choice for Bike Quadrat, as the speakers could effortlessly click into the existing light tracks in the store. This allowed the store to set up an audio system quickly and easily, ensuring flawless functionality.

In this installation, the following Spottune products have been used:

1 x Spottune Stream S1-FB Wireless Audio Transmitter.

2 x Spottune 01-T-W Omni Track white.

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