Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch, renowned for its luxurious, meticulously crafted accessories and unwavering commitment to sustainability, stands as a beacon of innovation in both fashion and retail spheres. Beyond its iconic products, the brand is equally celebrated for its imaginative and immersive retail experiences, setting new standards in consumer engagement.

With multiple prestigious locations scattered throughout London, such as Point Street and Burlington Arcade, Anya Hindmarch sought to enhance its retail ambiance with a discreet yet powerful background audio system. In this pursuit, Spottune emerged as the ideal partner, offering innovative solutions tailored to the brand's exacting standards.

Spottune's ingenious integration of speakers into the existing 3-phase lighting tracks within the stores provided unparalleled flexibility in placement, ensuring seamless coverage across the venue without compromising on aesthetics. The Plug and Play installation streamlined the setup process, enabling installation without any problems.


Moreover, the frequency range of Spottune speakers achieved praise from store management, delivering perfect audio quality at both low and higher volumes, enriching the overall shopping experience for Anya Hindmarch's clientele.


In both PontStreet and Burlington Arcade, the following Spottune products have been used:


2 x Spottune Omni Track Wireless Speaker, white

1 x Spottune Stream WirelessAudio Transmitter


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