WeeGee Exhibition Center

Spottune's wireless sound system has been installed at the WeeGee Exhibition Center in Espoo's Tapiola, which is one of Finland's most significant art museums. The museum prioritizes a comprehensive experience where sound serves as one element.

The Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) features contemporary art, design, and experimental art, hosting 8-10 rotating exhibitions annually. The museum's popularity is evident, as it welcomed a record-breaking 170,000 art enthusiasts in 2022. EMMA sought to enhance the experiential aspect of their exhibitions, and Spottune was able to assist with its wireless sound system. The wireless capability offered several advantages, such as easy installation. In this context, the speakers could be clicked onto pre-installed light tracks and then connected to the stream, making the setup quick and straightforward. The speakers' convenient click function also facilitates the museum in changing their locations if necessary. The discreet yet stylish design ensures that the speakers blend seamlessly into the surroundings and do not disrupt the focus on art.

The Emma museum has installed the Omni Track speaker in black, a Stream, and a Subwoofer that ensure high-quality audio playback and an immersive art experience.

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