Sound Experts is Awarded Spottune's Exceptional Growth Award 2023

February 13, 2024
Sound Experts is Awarded Spottune's Exceptional Growth Award 2023

Sound Experts GmbH has had a great 2023 with Spottune - their Spottune sales grew an incredible 110 %. This makes Sound Experts the Spottune reseller with the highest growth in 2023 and a worthy recipient of Spottune' Exceptional Growth Award.

We talked with the CEO of Sound Experts, Mark Sellmann, to hear how they managed this growth.

“In the sound business, understanding the client’s space is as crucial as the technology itself.” Mark Sellmann continues: "It’s all about showing the customer exactly what they’re getting.” He attributes their success to a clear and transparent sales process that Spottune’s innovative platform made possible.

Customer Understanding is Key

“We know from our customers that sound isn’t just about volume or clarity; it’s about how it feels in their space. Our job is to make that feeling tangible before they decide,” Mark Sellmann adds. This understanding of customer needs has been crucial in Sound Experts’ approach.

Leveraging Spottune’s Sales Tool

“There are various visualization tools on the market, but they are complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Spottune’s Sales Tool turns abstract concepts like sound coverage into concrete visuals. This clarity is a game-changer in our proposals.”

The tool allows Sound Experts to map precisely where speakers should go in a room, giving clients a clear vision of the setup.

We had a client with a complex retail space. The Spottune Sales Tool made it easy for us to demonstrate the coverage and quality of sound they could expect. It wasn’t just a proposal but a promise of an experience backed by visuals.

Future of Sound Experts and Spottune

“The future of retail sound is here, and it’s omnidirectional. With Spottune, we’re not just selling speakers; we’re crafting experiences. And that’s what keeps our clients coming back.”

Mark Sellmann’s story with Sound Experts is a masterclass in business growth – understanding customer needs, leveraging the right tools, and delivering experiences, not just products.

“In the end, it’s about how well you can bring the client’s vision to life, and with Spottune and their Sales Tool, that’s exactly what we can do.”

For more information on Sound Experts, please visit Also, feel free to explore all of Spottune's products here.

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February 13, 2024