Increased privacy with Spottune

May 27, 2024
Increased privacy with Spottune

Can birds chirping promote privacy in public spaces?

The short answer is: Yes!

Spottune and Fredericia Krone Pharmacy have investigated the effects of playing ambient nature sounds on a Spottune system in the pharmacy. The study of customer experience, before and after installation, reveals remarkable improvements in customers' sense of privacy and the overall atmosphere in the pharmacy.

The study's primary purpose at Fredericia Krone Pharmacy was to evaluate whether playing ambient nature sounds composed of birds chirping, trickling water, and comforting piano tunes on the Spottune Omni speakers could help improve customers' sense of privacy.

The study examined the effect on the sense of privacy and aimed to uncover how the introduction of ambient nature sounds affected the overall customer experience at the pharmacy. The main objective was to create a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere, which could enhance customers' overall satisfaction and experience.


The customer experience survey at Fredericia Krone Pharmacy was conducted using digital questionnaires on a tablet directly at the pharmacy.

To ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of the new sound system playing ambient nature sounds, we collected data from a total of 400 respondents - 200 before the installation and 200 after and the data collection period spanned two separate phases, each lasting five days, allowing for a comparison of customer experiences before and after the implementation of the improvement.

To maintain consistency in the study presentation and ensure that all participants were informed uniformly, the same employee introduced the study before and after the installation. This approach ensured that the data was collected under comparable conditions, supporting the validity of the results.

Preliminary findings

After completing the initial survey round, it quickly became evident that the described issues were confirmed by the respondents' answers. A thorough analysis of the collected data revealed the following critical areas for improvement:

  • Privacy and discretion: The initial data pointed out that customers generally experienced a low to moderate degree of privacy at the counter. The average values and medians indicated significant room for improvement to enhance the sense of discretion and security for customers during their interactions at the pharmacy.
  • Overhearing conversations: The data highlighted a challenge with overhearing conversations, where an average near the middle of the scale and a high standard deviation revealed a variation in customer experiences. For some customers, overhearing other conversations was a reality that could potentially negatively impact their experience and sense of privacy.
  • Noise level: Another significant challenge was the noise level, which was clearly a considerable source of distraction and discomfort for many customers. This aspect of the pharmacy's environment required attention to improve both comfort and overall satisfaction for the pharmacy's visitors.
  • Satisfaction with service/advice: Despite the mentioned challenges, satisfaction with service and advice stood out as a bright spot, with generally high customer satisfaction scores. This positive aspect offered a solid foundation on which further improvements could be built.

These preliminary findings emphasized the need for targeted improvements at Fredericia Krone Pharmacy, specifically addressing the above areas to enhance the customer experience.

Improvements implemented

To address the identified needs for improved privacy and the overall customer experience at Fredericia Krone Pharmacy, a strategic installation of Spottune's unique sound system was carried out.

Spottune's Omni speakers utilize a patented design. This design ensures a 360-degree sound dispersion, providing better coverage without distorting the effects of sound reflections and, thus, a more uniform sound level throughout the room. Four speakers were strategically placed to achieve the most optimal sound coverage.

The speakers' placement was selected to shield against intrusive sounds from the corridor outside the pharmacy and increase the sense of privacy at the counter, where customers often have confidential conversations.

Placement of the speakers in the pharmacy

Main findings

The study revealed significant improvements in customers' experience at Federicia Krone Pharmacy after implementing the Spottune sound system, focusing on the increased sense of privacy.

Among the most notable findings are:

  • Improved sense of privacy: Customers' sense of privacy at the counter significantly improved by about 172%. This indicates that the effort to create a more discreet environment through strategic sound masking and the use of ambient nature sounds has had a positive effect.
  • Reduction in overhearing conversations: About 70% fewer customers reported overhearing conversations from other customers or staff, further supporting the effectiveness of the sound system implemented in improving privacy.
  • Improvements in general satisfaction: In addition to the increased sense of privacy, the study also showed a general improvement in customer satisfaction, especially regarding the overall experience of the store and satisfaction with service and advice.
  • Positive feedback on the atmosphere: After the sound system was installed, customers' descriptions of the general atmosphere in the pharmacy shifted significantly from more neutral or even negative expressions to predominantly positive expressions. This suggests that the ambient nature sounds improved the sense of privacy and contributed to a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

These main findings underscore that introducing ambient nature sounds through Spottune's unique sound system has had a significant and measurable positive impact on customers' emotional and physical experience at Fredericia Krone Pharmacy.


Based on the positive results from implementing the Spottune sound system at Fredericia Krone Pharmacy, it is highly recommended that the system be continued to maintain and further develop the improvements in the customer experience of privacy and atmosphere.

Moreover, expanding the study to include more pharmacy locations is suggested to validate whether the observed positive effects can be replicated across different environments and customer groups. Such an extended study could provide further insight into the system's effectiveness and potential for broader implementation.

Should the results of such a more extensive study confirm the initial positive findings, Fredericia Krone Pharmacy should strongly consider implementing Spottune's sound system in all their pharmacies. This step would improve customer satisfaction by addressing privacy and sensitive health issues and enhancing the pharmacies' overall atmosphere and customer experience.

Investing in customer satisfaction and privacy could further position these pharmacies as industry leaders who actively meet and prioritize their customers' needs and concerns.


This report has highlighted the positive impact of installing Spottune's sound system on the customer experience at Fredericia Krone Pharmacy, focusing on improving privacy for customers discussing sensitive and personal matters.

Through a methodical and well-structured study, it has been demonstrated that strategic use of ambient nature sounds played on Spottune Omni speakers can enhance the sense of privacy and improve the overall atmosphere within the pharmacy, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

The significant improvements observed through this study underscore the potential of using Spottune solutions to tackle common challenges in retail environments, especially within the pharmacy sector, where discretion and privacy are paramount.

It is therefore recommended that steps be taken to continue and expand the use of Spottune to confirm its effectiveness through further research and consider a broader implementation that can benefit a larger number of customers.

The report encourages Fredericia Krone Pharmacy to consider these findings and recommendations in their strategic planning.

By investing in improvements that directly address customers' needs and concerns, pharmacies can strengthen their position as a preferred provider within the health and wellness sector, where customer satisfaction and trust are crucial for success.

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May 27, 2024