Award-winning design

The acoustic design of our Omni speaker is specially made for retail stores and areas where people move around a lot. It has a simple, clean cylindrical shape, designed to fit into any existing light installation. The unique design provides a sound experience that’s synchronised and clear all around the room.

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Technical Specifications

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Audio frequency range 50-15000Hz


~50W digital class D amplifiers Max SPL 100dB

Wireless features

Audio-BroadCasting-Digital – Technology

RF-Band 1.8 – 1.9 GHz

Range up to 50 - 100m (approx. 160 - 330ft) (Condition dependent)


Diameter: 115 mm

Height: 200 mm

Cord length

5 m


1.5 kg

Standby power consumption

1.74W (Limitation 2W)


O1-C-W | O1-C-B | O1-C-G


What does the 360° omnidirectional sound mean?


Full sound dispersion in all directions.

Spottune Omni is designed for omnidirectional 360° sound distribution through a patented acoustic design. This means that all frequencies of the Spottune Omni speakers will be distributed in all directions. Therefore, an area having a number of Spottune Omni speakers will, regardless of your position at the location, be creating a perfect balanced and synchronized sound experience as you move around. Another upside to the 360° degree sound dispersion is that approx. 50% less speakers are needed compared to other leading speaker systems.

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