Lixero is awarded Spottune's Extraordinary Marketing Effort Award 2023

February 13, 2024
Lixero is awarded Spottune's Extraordinary Marketing Effort Award 2023

Lixero Audio, a subsidiary of Lixero - Verlichting van A tot Z renowned for their innovative lighting solutions, has recently grabbed the spotlight with their exceptional marketing initiatives for Spottune. In recognition of this, Lixero has been awarded Spottune's ExtraordinaryMarketing Effort Award.

We spoke with Jurne Sleddens, the marketing maestro at Lixero, about their unique strategies and motivations.

“It’s a great honor. This award reflects our team’s hard work and creativity and underscores our strong relationship with Spottune. Marketing for us is about creating a visual impact,” Jurne starts. “We aim to bring Spottune’s message to life. This involves sharing and translating Spottune’s content into Dutch to ensure it resonates locally. We believe a well-told story can illuminate the product’s true value.”

Creative Marketing Tactics and Co-creation.

Lixero’s innovative tactics include utilizing their service vehicles as mobile billboards for Spottune.

"We placed images of Spottune speakers on our service cars. It’s a simple yet effective way to catch eyes and spark curiosity,” Jurne explains. “And we didn’t stop there. We’ve shared these images with Spottune and other partners, fostering a sense of community and shared success.

The Core of Lixero’s Marketing Approach

Jurne Sleddens highlights the crucial role of marketing in making Spottune’s innovative products accessible and appealing to the end user.

Our focus is not just on sales but on clarifying how sophisticated audio solutions like Spottune complement our lighting systems. It’s about making complex innovations understandable and attractive, strengthening our partnership while enriching the customer’s experience.

Fantastic Response

Jurne highlights the positive outcomes of their marketing strategies: "The response has been fantastic. We’ve seen an increase in interest and inquiries for Spottune products. It’s a testament to the power of collaborative and innovative marketing."

Sebastian Nisted Bertelsen, Marketing Manager at Spottune, expressed his admiration for Lixero’s independent and innovative marketing strategies.

"Lixero’s approach has been impressive; they have shown that co-creation and robust partnerships within marketing can produce remarkable results. We hope to see more partners join our marketing network for an even more significant impact.

Sebastian concludes that Lixero deserves a big thank you for their fantastic work, which is why they were awarded this award.

For more information on Lixero, please visit Also, feel free to explore all of Spottune's products here.

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February 13, 2024